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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Facebook Has Been Playing Games With Me

Oh Facebook, you have so many ways in which to waste my time we really need the myraid of games too?
I just noticed that Jody needs a pie so that he can fight a rattlesnake...Alex needs reinforcements so that his army isn't routed...Sara just hit me with a snowball...Mandy has more Valentines than me...Jenny wants me to help her knock over a liqour store...and don't get me started on Farkel...what the **** are power dice anyway?
I can't even grow weeds and you want me to manage a whole farm?
And managing a restaurant?  That seems like more of a pain in the ass than any possible virtual reward could ever make up for. It takes 3 days to prepare a pot roast? No wonder you need help running that Cafe Mr Facebook...your cooks must be using the sunlight as a heating source. Just because old people claim the sidewalk is hot enough to fry an egg doesn't make that a reliable substitute for an oven.
And on the opposite end of the spectrum...what kind of magical seeds are you planting that whole crops can be harvested in hours? That sounds like the shit Jack traded his cow for...
For some reason I don't understand I am allowed to raise llamas and other small forest animals. I am beginning to question my avatars relationship with FrEd the goat that lives in the frontier....
If we spent as much time developing our real lives as we do managing these make believe ones how much better would we be?
And if you want to have the best looking castles, farms, zoo's etc. you can't use the virtual money. Nope, this requires real cash.
So now you're not just antisocial and living in a're broke and antisocial living in van down by the river.
Well, I guess this rant is over...Oh look, someone just poked me...and I didn't even get dinner first.


  1. Love very true! I tell people, "No I dont play farmville...I dont have time for that crap!!!" Really, what is the purpose???

  2. To waste time and money! Now that people don't show off their cars and houses, you can show off your virtual car and houses!