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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Just Like Getting In Her Pants

Devoted readers, this blog is dedicated to ex's.
How many of you men out there have had your girlfriend steal your clothes and wear them or use them to start fires in the trash can? And ladies have you ever just worn a guys jeans or shirt to feel close to him? Because let me tell you ladies, there is nothing hotter than watching you walk around in nothing but one of my button down shirts. And ladies, I know that secretly you've all wanted to see him able to walk around in your attire.
Guys, have you ever thought "if only someone made a magical device that would let me fit into her jeans?" Well wish no more my friends because Levi Strauss is about to release what can only be described as a money maker!
Called "the Ex-Girlfriend Jean", its a pair of women's jeans made just barely large enough to fit your obese frame. Levi's website describes it as "a way to remember her with great style". And I agree. After all, what better way to remember the one who took your manhood away from you, than by wearing clothes that don't have room for your manhood.
But I don't think Levi's is taking it far enough. Pretty soon all clothing will be genderless. Just think guys, you can soon wear that cute little sundress that you like her in yourself. Imagine walking into the Sport's Authority and grabbing a size 11 wide 3 inch heel. Or having a Gucci purse...i mean man bag...decorated with sports logos or fishing paraphernalia. This way you don't have to worry about sharing a can just share your clothes. Houses could be completely redesigned by this one simple change.
Just think of how less creepy it will be to walk in and see him wearing your underwear, if it comes in his size! Then men could get invited to those "lingerie" parties that you ladies all go to.
So Levi's if your listening, I love the new idea and if you decide to follow thru on any of these other ideas I've listed, that would be great too...Just cut me in for 10%.
I even have your new slogan all ready for you "Remember, it's not cross-dressing if it was originally designed with you in mind."
Or "I just wanted to get in your pants."

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  1. Hahahaha, Ben, you rock! lmao!!!!! I wear mens clothes all the time, and once the hubby worse a womans tshirt with a frilly sports logo to work...he said "It's (names sports team)...but it was approximately 3 inches too short and he looked like he would be in drag later that night. LOL