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Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Plan To Use A Little Hocus Pocus To Pay My Taxes But Tell Me Witch Is Which?

Readers I must say I am a bit surprised by this latest news article I found. Romania has moved forward with a plan to make witchcraft an official profession. Now for Romanians, this isn't a new development as this went into effect back in the beginning of January. But since magic mirrors take longer to deliver messages, I just heard about it this morning.
This measure is part of the Romanians crack down on tax evasion. If I were the government, I would be more worried about evading the horrible curses that have surely been cast at them for this.
One witch in particular has come forward. A "Bratara" told the website that she plans to "cast a spell using black pepper and yeast". And if you think that is enchanting, you should try her sourdoughs and ryes. I also hear that Harry Potter has fled the country to avoid paying taxes on the billions he has made.
Witchery now joins several other newly recognized "real" jobs in Romania, such as embalmers, astrologists, driving instructors and valets. What I don't understand is why they need embalmers? After all, they have Van Helsing running around staking their dead to ensure they stay that way.
I think other countries of the world should take note of this development. Think of all the "unreal" jobs that could be taxed. Like Homeless Guy. Or Street Mime. Or how about "Knocking On Your Door At 7AM To Talk About Jesus Man". Think of all the pennies we could take in by legally recognizing just these three professions!
We could even recognize prostitution and drug dealers as real jobs. They already have great benefits packages, such as lodging and maybe health care once you get caught.
Think about it people. After all, why should we have to struggle to pay our taxes, when all you need is a little hocus pocus.


  1. a woman in sweden legally had her profession as a hooker recognised so she was able to pay tax and secure a pension for when she retires !!

  2. LOL!!! I'm thinkin im moving to Romania to be a witch! LOL