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Friday, February 11, 2011

Rent A Midget Dot Com

I Heart Midgets! And I know I am not the only one. I mean how many times have you been at a party and yeah it may have seemed like it was awesome but then you get this thought...why isn't there a midget?
I mean I would love to just pick up my phone and hit 1 800 Dial a Midget and have one show up at the party. Sean Combs can't even get a midget at his parties, think on that! Maybe come dressed as that traveling gnome. Or a member of the lolipop guild.
Which leads me to an interesting concept. Rent A You could go online and  pay to have little people come over and spice up a party, a family reunion, a restraining order etc.
They could even be hired to do little Midget Rodeos with miniture ponies and miniture goats! Or re enact those songs from that movie about candy bars. Imagine Midget Gladitorial sports! Or Midget Nascar, using power wheels vehicles.
Or maybe you just want one to dress as a scarecrow and shoo away vermin from your garden. They could do that too!
This is a landmark idea and I think I'm gonna go register the domain name right now.

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