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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

School Daze - How Not Reading, Riting, or Rithmeticking Will Get You Everywhere

America, I'm disappointed.
I look at the news and see a story about a young teacher trying to influence todays youth. And in this story she is chastised for writing a blog. Philadelphia English teacher Natalie Monroe has been suspended with pay for writing a profanity-laced blog that bashes her students for using profanity in her class.
She accuses them of being "lazy whiners" and proceeds to whine about their whining. Ms. Monroe, I just want you to know that I have your back. Where else but in America do you have the freedoms to squash young peoples freedom of speech and then do exactly what you complained about them doing in an online blog.
See unlike the parents of the "rude, disobediant, disrespectful oafs" that you have been teaching, I am aware of the fall of our education system. I realize that you can't reach them by finding ways that make class interesting. The only productive use of energy is to spend it online, writing a blog.
Ms Monroe, you are my hero. I understand your feeling that "students are not being held accountable" and let me say that is why I know you will stand up for and be accountable for the things you have written. So, I know when you say that you wrote some things "out of frustration" what you really mean is you are ready to run the naysayers over with a school bus. And even though you have removed your blog out of fear of being fired, I know that you have merely written it into a journal. After all, if you can't say what you think to a group of faceless readers then what hope is there for being able to carry a conversation with people you know. Like those kids in your class.
See, Ms Monroe wasn't calling the students "noisy, lazy, loafers", according to her attorney Steven Rovner, she was "so general that it applies to the problems in school districts across the country". Thats right America, so don't hate on Ms. Monroe. She wasn't being a bitch that made fun of her students everyday instead of trying to teach them, no she was educating us all about the decay of our education system.
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