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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Tried Springing Forward, But Ended Up Throwing My Back Out

It's again time for a tradition that makes no sense in this day and age. For some reason that still eludes me, we make a practice of moving the clocks forward an hour in the spring to and turning them back in the fall. Why?
Just as I get used to it one way or the other, we change it. We claim we are saving daylight...but are we really? It's like trying to stop a war by sitting under a tree thinking about stopping war.
As far as I can tell the only business that benefits from the extra evening hours of sunlight, is 7 Eleven. And thats only because no one wants to go to one in the dark.
DST was proposed by a man named George Hudson in 1895. But he was a nobody and so when William Willett proposed the exact same thing in 1905, he was credited for being the creator.
William disliked playing golf at sunset, so he proposed changing the time to ensure he was taking advantage of the sunlight. He published a paper and Robert Pearce later ran this as a bill through England's Parliament. This failed miserably. Later, in 1916, it was proposed again as a way to conserve coal, because by moving time forward you would burn less in a single day. This time it was accepted in most of Europe. The US would adopt it two years later.
William said that we should adjust our clocks weekly. 20 mins a week. Every week. back and forth to make sure he could golf properly, I mean that we weren't burning too much coal.
In the modern world, it has stayed popular because we don't want to send our kids to school in the dark. Sending them to school with guns, drugs and police patrolling the halls is OK though.
Sporting retailers are also fond of it as people get off work at 5 and there is some sunlight left so people may go "out to a ball game."
Flying is confusing enough without taking into consideration DST. Not only do you have to keep factored in the arrival and departure times but since some countries and one state do not practice DST, it can be confusing as hell.
Arizona doesn't follow the practice at all. They exist on Daylight time. Their are a few cities around the country that also do not follow it.
I say that makes them unAmerican. After all, if I have to be screwed by an outdated practice so should everyone else.

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