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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Ready For My Close Up Mr Director

Memories long forgotten. This video is proof that I don't only pick fun at everyone else. I am more than capable of making fun of myself too. This is the work of Cliff Delbeau, a dear friend, that at the time was trying to get into film school. This film actually helped do just that.

I hope that you all enjoyed my 15 secs of fame. The original script had the boyfriend calling another woman. I, being twisted as I am and being a comedienne, told Cliff to alter the ending and it became as it is now. Channeling my inner Dan Johnson, I played the part of the other "woman". LMAO, hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.


  1. Just in case you cant get it to load here. this is the youtube link

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Im chocking on tea! Hahahah, sexay Ben! Woot woot! LMAO!!

  3. I looked AWESOME!!! LoL seriously though ladies, I had fun laughing at myself here...the things I have done to help other friends..

  4. the pink wearing girl in the video...March 9, 2011 at 9:10 PM

    OMG!!! I just pooped my pants....little did you and I know, writing is everything, even the truth!

  5. Funny how the story goes huh? Hope all is well my dearest lady in pink...Miss Ya hun