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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Running Red Lights With A Smile!

Road head is a crime. Back on the 8th of March, Jason Kircher, was arrested after speeding through an intersection in Kentucky. Cops claimed he was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Jason claimed, he "was getting (his) knob washed."
The officers took him back to the station and his blood report showed he was within the legal limits. Yet, he was not released from jail. The girl was also arrested as officers felt she was too drunk to leave at the scene.
But, this is from a state that has laws like "One may not dye a duckling blue and offer it for sale, unless he is selling 6 at once." Or "a woman may not buy a hat without her husbands permission."
As a taxpayer  I would have many questions for both the police involved and the couple.
First, was it any good?
Second, if you plan to arrest everyone guilty of giving and receiving oral sex, do you feel that would cause an overcrowding issue?
Third, ignore that last question, what was I thinking, the numbers wouldn't be that high!
Fourth, Jason is your car a manual or an automatic? Because if you can drive a stick shift while receiving oral sex, you should get a medal.
Fifth, why isn't there a mugshot of the drunk girl up?
Sixth, (and this is more for the dealership than either party involved) can we get this as a feature for all new cars? Because if so, I will go buy one right now.
My next question is, Jason did you two finish before you pulled over? And if so, to the young lady, spit or swallow? Because the answer to that question would decide a second date.
Also, I must add in Kentucky, it is illegal to have anal sex. 

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  1. As weird as this may sound, I already knew about that six blue ducklings law. I figure that there must be some concern about duckling segregation and that it is safer to have them come in at least a half dozen so that they won't be overly abused by the non-blue ducklings in their new duck home.