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Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Hypocrisy Only Goes So Far

America. I despise hypocrisy. If you pick up prostitutes on Saturday, please don't condemn strippers on Sunday. For better or for worse, I say what is on my mind and that has cost me friendships in the past. In this new world if you say something that may hurt someone else's feelings they will delete you off of Facebook.
This normally wouldn't bother but I actually enjoyed speaking to this person. And just as I was writing an apology, not for my beliefs, but for sharing them and telling the person to just delete the comments, I find I am blocked from that person. And yes, my comment could have been construed as callous, but if you make a living by selling something similar, why can you get upset?
It would be like being a television actor and showing disdain for the movies. It's the same thing, just in a different medium.
In friendships, I have always believed that people may say stuff that I don't agree with, but if you are friends you respect their opinions...You...agree to disagree. But now a days, people only respect your opinion if it is exactly the same as theirs. If you are a taxidermist and you get offended by the human bodies exhibit, you my friend are a hypocrite. Who gave you the right to say that animal life being put on display is any less significant than human life? Just because you are human? That makes you a speciest.
And if you make money by selling the dead, please don't hate me for finding it funny even if my beliefs are in your opinion in bad taste. Because without people with bad taste, you don't have a job.
I make no excuses for who or what I am. I have often said I am the Monster at the end of this book. It's why I use the pseudonym "Samael" on a blog titled "Sympathy For The Devil". But the difference between myself and everyone else is, I will allow you to say what you believe and I won't judge you for that. If everyone held the same beliefs I did, I would be bored.
It's like PETA condemning people for eating meat and then euthanizing almost 25,000 pets.
It's like Cookie Monster telling kids to eat apples but then snacking on a box of Oreo's.
Be true to your beliefs and don't hide from them. But don't run from those that have different beliefs than you. Because then, in my opinion it means that your beliefs aren't strong enough to withstand intelligent and friendly discussion. And if something I say offends you, well tell me! I will happily discuss it and if it bothers you that badly, we won't have to talk about it together again.
That is the joy of friendship, accepting others despite flaws. I have several, but then again so do you.
But sometimes, I guess, its just easier to be a Hypocrite.


  1. Weird. I just wrote somewhere to someone that I'm a hypocrite. But now I can't remember where or under what circumstances.

    I have a friend whose political views are so far from my own that we occasionally tease one another about how wrong I know he is. Or maybe I just constantly remind him that he's wrong.

    Something like that, anyway.

  2. And that is the way it should be. You make banter over it and if you don't agree then don't talk about it in a way that gets heated. Life is way to short to hang on to senseless hate

  3. Well said. I must agree whole heartedly with you on the lack of respect these days for a differing opinion. It should not matter what a person's feelings are on a "sensitive" topic, they are a human being that deserves a certain level of respect in a discussion.

  4. Well if a muskrat wanted to talk to me about a sensitive topic, Id be willing to listen lol. Being human isn't a necessary requirement, the ability to convey ones thoughts fluidly and without scorn is