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Friday, April 1, 2011

New Products And Services To Amaze Your Friends With

Since nothing is going on today, I decided to share some random updates across the worldwide web.
Kodak has announced on its website that they have released a new app that will remove your ex's from your old pictures. Called Relationshiffft, the program accurately scans the person you no longer want to share space with and deletes them from your memories. It then scans the the area and replaces your deleted ex with a beautifully rendered and natural looking background. This is probably one of the apps I am most excited about as I usually just replace my ex's with Wonder Woman. For more info check out .
SouthEast Airlines has announced a new policy going into effect in May. They will charge airfare based soley on a persons weight. Your weight will take you 1000 miles. Which means I can fly from New York City to Los Angeles for a mere $517.02.
Google has announced two new things today. The first is a new feature added to their popular gmail application. You can sign up for Gmail Motion, which is in the BETA stages. This program uses your webcam to capture your motions and translate them into words. This app is especially useful for those people that talk with their hands. Find out more at .
The second announcement is a job posting. If you are willing to move to the lovely city of Mountain View California, you can join the google family. They are looking for a few more autocompleters to join their stable of current autocompleters. Apparently, the amount of web traffic has increased so much they cannot keep up and need a few more employees. Apply at .
West Jet has annoounced that they found a way to make their flights safer: adding helium to them. They claim that it will also make the plane lighter and use less fuel. Not only will this save the passengers money, it will allow them to have many comical conversations. Find out more on .
Blackberry phones are getting even more compact and portable. RIM announced the new screenless Blackberry. It's just a qwerty keyboard and speakers and a microphone. It's not like you look at your screen when texting and driving anyways! The new handset confirms button presses by playing tones in morse code. Check it out at .
Well, I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did...hopefully tomorrow is a better news day.
Oh well, I such a fool for new products that this was enjoyable.

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