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Thursday, April 14, 2011

P.eople E.nding T.he A.nimals

Everyone knows that I am an animal lover. Just not in the way that one guy I wrote about loves animals. And we all know how much PETA loves animals too. They just love them to death.
A little known, and not advertised, fact is that PETA runs a few animal shelters around the country. And at these shelters, they systematically put to death, on average, 6 animals a day. That may not seem like alot, I eat more animals in a day than that. However, since 1998, they have euthanized 25,840 animals.
And how does the group that breaks into dog shows to free the slaves rationalize this? Well in 2010, they executed 2,200 of these freed slaves to "free them from a world that doesn't want them".
Why can't we use this logic with rapists, child molesters and people that cut me off in traffic?
I applaud the group and don't feel that they are being hypocritical at all. After all, how better to ensure that the animals needs are met than by killing them. That means we are preserving resources like food, water and air. Unless they don't bury them, then the air is fouled again.
After all, we can't expect PETA to use the money they spend on parties and advertising to actually be used to benefit the animals they claim to love. That money is limited and must send a message. And they need all 33 million of that to show hot super models that look like they are dying of starvation proving someone can live on just lettuce.
We can't expect them to apportion say 2 million of that to help feed 2000 more wayward souls. Besides, its only the ugly pets that get euthanized, the cute ones get adopted, so what is the big deal? I say PETA could save even more money to use for advertising its message by just euthanizing all animals. Then we could send the cuter ones to a taxidermist to have preserved forever. This wouldn't require food or shelter and it would ensure that no one was eating them. Then they could have even more photoshops of people starving and looking fabulous.
But they would have to change a few of their videos.  If they take this new stance they could make a new video called "Clubbing With The Seals" or "Pulling The Trigger Keeps Those Eyes Forever Smiling" (because they would be made of glass).
I think PETA is on to something with all this. It is far more inhumane to dress a bear up as a clown, than it is to kill a pekinese. Besides, they are sure to hug them and read them a story before they set up lethal injection.
It probably goes alot like this:
PETA: We are going to save all the animals from horrible lives
Animal: Sweet. Sign me up.
PETA: Now drink the Kool-Aid and we shall return to the great comet in the sky
Animal: Great comet? What the $#% are you people talking about?
PETA: Only once we have left this world can we find the peace that we have been promised.
Animal: Wait, this is definitely not what I signed on for.
So follow the example set by this amazing and often rational group of people and off as many animals as you can because after all as they said you're just trying to "free them from a world that doesn't want them".

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  1. LMAO! Seems you have a great point there Ben. Hrmmmmm...(gets ideas) LOL