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Monday, April 4, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game And Make Sure We Bring Cheese For The Whine

Baseball. You gotta love it. After all, it is Americas Pastime. Besides, without baseball on TV, I would never get any sleep.
Up until the strikes in the 90's, I was a huge fan. But then I saw what kind of whiners these guys were. I watched a guy catch  a ball wrong in his glove and hurt his hand...shake it off right? Not this guy, he sat out the rest of the month with a sprained thumb. For the money these guys make, you could chuck balls at me at 90 mph and I would never complain.
But then in 2000, I decided to once again try and learn to love baseball. So, I watched the local team The Tampa Bay Devil Rays (name has changed now that they have gotten better) play. I watched the opposing teams' batter hit a pop fly into left field, which should have been an easy out or at most a run to 1st. The left fielder is there and he's ready. His hand is outstretched. The ball is in his direction. He has determination stamped on his face. He plants his feet and thrusts his arm in the air....and the ball lands 3 feet to his left. To add insult to injury, he then stares at his glove as if it betrayed him. He just keeps turning his gaze from the glove to the ball...which is still on the ground beside him. Finally, another player runs up beside him, grabs the ball and keeps the batter stuck on third base.
Which brings me to my seems baseball is once again in the news, and this time, it is the NY Mets complaining. About Family Guy.
See, a season or two ago, the popular cartoon ran a spoof where Stewie compares a current disappointment to being a Mets fan. This has both the team and the fans in an uproar. I can see why they are upset. If I sucked so badly, I wouldn't want  anyone to talk about it either.
I wasn't even aware they actually still played anyway. I thought they walked onto the field, then waved at the crowd before throwing down their gear and leaving.
Maybe someone should offer them lessons. There is a kid in little league this year that is awesome. I'm sure he can teach them how to actually catch a ball. Hell, maybe they could adopt t-ball rules so that they are actually able to get a hit in every once in a while.
When did playing sports become big business? And when did the athletes become so lame that cartoons can hurt their manly ego's?
Maybe, instead of worrying about a cartoon, they should focus on actually winning a game.
Of course, look at it this way. If this bothers them so much, I would make sure that local stations played it in the towns they visit for away games. Get a sorta psychological edge.
If the Mets go on to play well this year, I must believe it was because of Seth MacFarlane's creation. And if it works then think of the other uses. Family Guy: Dog Training. Family Guy: Don't Gamble Away The Rent You Drunk SOB. Family Guy: I'm Leaving You For Your Sister Unless You Get A Job.
So FOX Network, pay may have a gold mine here.

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