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Friday, April 8, 2011

You, My Dear, Have Been Trumped

Donald Trump. The name is synonymous with bankruptcy and bad hair pieces and soon (if he has his way) the Presidency of these United States.
After all, if he can't fix the country he would just fire us all and pull out his financial funding.
Look what he has done for mens hair styles...frankly he should have fired whoever told him that looks good.
But in America, if you are too wealthy for your own good, you can run for the White House. If you are poor, you can make a run at it too, but you will likely get tazed.
Donald Trump is the king of over promising and under delivering,  just ask Ivana. But that's why I like him for the role!
Look, unlike all the other politicians out there, we knew that Donald is only in it for himself! There is no pretense of caring about the average American, he can't even spell "average."
And he is approaching this potential race for the oval office as if it were a board room prepping for a hostile take over! 1st rule, belittle your opponent and he is doing just that!
Recently on the Today Show, The hairpiece claimed Obama was born not in Hawaii but in Kenya.
I admire your spunk Donald, but this old news. Maybe if you had claimed he was born on Mars and teleported to Earth in the 50s by a kindly Professor or that his father had rocketed him to Kansas as the sole surviving son of a great civilization, I would be more interested.
Apparently, host Meredith Viera felt the same as she looked half asleep during the interview. She didn't even bother refuting or questioning it because it wasn't sensational enough.
Remember, it's not slander if you say "Well I'm not saying the President is an illegal alien usurping the White House, but ... if he was I won't be surprised."
It's not what you say but how say it. If you keep it to allegedlies, you can say what ever you wish. Like if I were to say "It's possible that Donald Trump has smoked Marijuana." I'm not accusing him of smoking Marijuana, I am just pointing out the fact it is possible.
So now America, go forth and vote for the Donald! After all, it's possible he can't f*** it up more than anyone else already has.

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  1. Oddly enough, that is actually his hair. Not a hair piece. There's video of him proving it apparently. No doubt you can find it online. As for me, the less I see of him, the better.