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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Would Pick Up The Check But I Am Broke

A battle of epic proportions is brewing and no I am not referring to Scotty's victory over Lauren.
The state of Michigan is beginning legislation to attack the poor.
See, apparently the state of Michigan doesn't like the idea of allowing every eligible person to collect food stamps. They have chosen one victim in particular as a martyr. Senator John Moolenaar has made it his crusade to keep Mr Leroy Fick from receiving government assistance.
When asked why he was denying Mr Fick, Senator Moolenaar responded "This is unacceptable".
Feeling a need to understand why a US Senator would want to harass a 59 year old man, I began to investigate the circumstances surrounding this peculiar case.
Leroy Fick is a poor man. Living in a a newly purchased home and driving a 2008 Audi, Leroy struggles to survive on his less than $5,000 a year earnings. Sure the Audi is a convertible, but you have to have some simple pleasures in life, right?
See, all of Leroys problems started when he played Make Me Rich, a lottery game. A game that Mr Fick won. A game that gave him $2 million.
I know what you're saying, if he won $2 million why does he need government assistence? Because Leroy took a lump sum payment which only gave him $850,000. How can the state of Michigan expect anyone that close to retirement to be able to survive on that small amount of money?
According to Federal guidelines, Mr Fick is eligible for food stamps. See, lottery wins don't count as income. Because they can't take assets into consideration, the state can't deny Mr Fick what is rightfully his.
The Senator is working to change this law and ensure that people like Mr Fick can no longer receive help from government programs. I think this is a travesty. Sure, it costs the taxpayers millions. But I would be hard pressed to make it on such a paltry sum.
So keep up your good fight Mr Fick. I salute you!

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