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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This Magic Carpet Ride Is Closed For Repairs

As a result of a relationship ending, I did what I always do. I escaped the situation so it doesn't have to be real. I know it doesn't give you closure or solve anything but I figure if your problem isn't staring you in the face, then it doesn't exist.
So  I decided to go to the only place that could make a sad person happy. I went to the happiest place on earth. Happy like sugar is sweet. If this place were sugar it would be diabetic coma sweet.
I went to the Magic Kingdom. I've always been a kid at heart and visiting places like this tend to take my mind off my problems. I hadn't really been to Disney World before. I say hadn't really because I did go when I was 4 but if you cant remember it, then it didn't happen. Like that time in Cozumel with those hot young triplets.
Now I must admit I was nervous about visiting this place and putting my negative emotions onto such a happy universe and ruining it for me. But I must admit that the Magic Kingdom is really magical.
From the moment we got off the monorail and I saw an Asian lady carrying a sheep. I knew today would be a fun one.
The fact that she was also dressed like someone in the movie Grease only intensified my enjoyment.
Following Little Bo Peep, we made our through the park. I listened as a 14 year old girl told her friends she wanted to get knocked up so people would pay attention to her.
I marvelled at the architecture and designs I saw. Like that door to the Mens room in that one restaurant that looked like a penis.
I watched dancers at work that didn't work for tips.
I stood in hour long lines for 30 seconds worth ride time.
But most importantly I laughed. Which I didn't think I would be able to do.
But I don't think I can credit Disney for all of my uplifting. The real heroes were the two people that chose to accompany me.
One is a dear friend that is experiencing something very similar to what I just did.
The other was her one year old son.
Thank you Valerie for just being a good friend. I hope u two enjoyed the day as much as I did.
I needed a break from my reality and I needed to laugh.
And laugh I did. Because Jake was fascinated by everything. Except the Carnival of Progress...but in his defense that ride sucked.
We OoOoO and awed over street performers and cgi.
We pointed at puppies. Oh and dogs too. We napped in a haunted mansion and slept through pirate infested waters. We cooed over honey covered walls and a trip into the 100 acre wood. We my have even run over a gopher in our cart.
We laughed and clapped during a comedy routine and a musical.
We cursed that one of us wasn't tall enough to ride with Stitch.
And while Jake and I did all this, I'm sure Valerie must have had a good time too. At the end of the day we were all tired and headed back to Sarasota to say GoodBye.
Now I am getting ready to return to reality. A 6 hour drive back to my family and my business. Hopefully the thoughts of why I ran to start with stay away for a few days anyway. It would be too much to ask that they stay away forever...

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