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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We Have Stirred Up Quite The Storm By Not Letting Anyone Know Our Kids Gender

Kathy Witterick and David Stocker have recently had a new baby boy/girl. He/she is a very healthy boy/girl. They are accepting clothing that is appropriate for a boy/girl as well as gifts to mark this exciting occassion.
See readers, apparently Kathy and Davie boy don't like the idea of their son/daughter growing up knowing whether or not he/she is a boy or a girl. Instead of confusing the child in its youth by assigning stereo-typical gender roles, they would rather they child grow into a confused adult ostracized by society that plots to kill them. Anyone watch the movie Psycho?
Pulling the media stunt of the year, these two "role model" parents are defying conventions and not even telling their parents the childs gender. Because its healthier this way. As I just mentioned, Norman Bates mother felt the exact same way and who am I to disagree. After all he did get a movie deal.
Not that I am comparing Kathy to Norman Bates mother, but I really am. Isn't it bad enough that children are confused by the media and pop culture without parents adding to their problems? I mean, Emo anyone?
At best, Kathy and Dave can expect that their child, whom they named Storm, to grow up sexually confused and that could mean experimenting sexually with men, women, robots, or barnyard animals. Which, I don't judge, but with the rampant diseases out there, is that healthy?
Growing up in this "Look at me" society is hard enough without adding one more stress on top of it all.
Maybe the child was born with both genders? That can happen right? And this little media stunt is in reality the parents way of protecting their little mutant. Mutant...hmm now there is a thought...We can't even be sure its human as I believe the parents killed all living witnesses. It may even eat from a bowl like Fido for all we know.
But let's assume it is human...
It can't be all bad right? There has to be something positive to come out of doing this blatant attempt by the parents to get the attention they were denied as children by using their own children to get the attention. The only example I can think of what sexual ambiguity can become is to look at Lady Gaga. He/she is awesome.
Oh it should be noted that Kathy is the father and David is the mother. They exchanged names in their wedding vows instead of rings.
So to Mr and Mrs Kathy Witterick, I say congratulations on your new son/daughter/it. Maybe one day, after Little Storm is all grown up and moved away, he/she will start talking to you again. I doubt that but hey to the future!


  1. And somehow I missed all the news about this. Oh well, I guess I only have myself to blame. After all, I only just listened to my first Lady Gaga song a few weeks ago and watched a couple of her videos before shrugging and moving on.

    Which is how I find really strange things to share on my blog. Someday I'll try to follow the vague journeys I take in youtube. But not today.

  2. I find this intriguing because instead of relying on their own capacity to educate their child to be a person instead of a gender they are setting their child up for years of expensive therapy. I understand the drive to teach your child to be who they are instead of societal stereotype sex roles. Michelle