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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Sure It Will Be The 21st Of Something

As we all know the world came to an abrupt and tragic end on May 21st of this year. It was horrible with earthquakes and tragedy and...wait that was just my relationship dying the world is still here...
So, how are the two not related? After all, if my world ended, the selfish part of me wishes everyone else's should have is well. Which is why I am happy to say that evangelical Christian Broadcaster Harold Camping has said that he was wrong about his prediction of the world ending on May 21st 2011. He said that the world will actually end Oct 21st 2011.
The significance of the 21st cannot be understated. After all the Mayans and Nostradamus said the world would end on different months of the same year on the 21st of those months.
Harold was asked how he felt about the people cashing in their life savings and going on spending sprees thinking the world would end. He simply replied, "Oops. Things happen."
So now after some nonsensical math skills and illogical equations that only he could interpret and found within the bible. I don't remember that verse, but it's in his copy so it must be true, even if it isn't in anyone else's.
After putting billboards up all across the interstates of America (including one I just saw Sunday on I 75 just north of Tampa) and preaching the end is near, you would think he would show some humility and feel bad about making a few people homeless.
But nope Mr Camping just said "Shit happens. I will get it right next time."
But he hasn't gotten it right 1994 he claimed that Jesus would be returning before the year ended and taking the righteous away. If he did take them away, then obviously Mr Camping wasn't one of them.
So since Jesus came in 94 and took the righteous with him, why does Mr Camping believe he alone knows the date and time of the last day of the world? Well the answer to that is simple...He is bat shit crazy.
That is my clinical definition anyways. Please refute me and provide evidence to the contrary if you can. I love how he is now claiming that Oct 21st was always the actual date...but his billboards said May 21st is the date and the bible guarantees it.
I guarantee that Mr Camping should stay off of LSD. I wonder what angels/demons spoke to him. I know I didn't. I am not quite ready for the end of the world. Still lots to do. I will concede that I think time is counting down.
But until the last bit of sand falls through the hourglass, I have Mr Camping to make me laugh.
I say it will be Feb 21st of some year....thats the 21st I am betting on.


  1. Hmmmmm . . . nothing really interesting happened here on the 21st.

    Maybe this month something more interesting will happen but as far as Rob's concerned, it's all about the 22nd. He's selfish like that what with that being his birthday and all.

  2. ROFLMFAO That's too funny.... but on a serious note, I don't think we will ever know the date... it will just happen, otherwise the world will be overrun with all the born again good boys n girls and then what? housing crisis in heaven?

  3. i think they just tell you hell is a bad place...kinda like a really good concert that they say is gonna be crowded and hot and cheap that way they dont fill up too fast. after all in heaven, its all the people that did nothing with their lives and i say f*ck that