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Friday, June 3, 2011

Sharks, Doctors, Gators, And Bears Oh My!

Apparently I have something in common with Great White Sharks. We are both fascinated with the musical stylings of AC/DC.
Having been an acquaintance of Brian Johnson for several years, I have had the joys hearing stories about the times behind the music. But today we both learned something that neither of us knew about the frontman's band. Sharks are probably his biggest fans.
It seems that in Australia, if you play AC/DC underwater, sharks will come from miles to listen to the show. So what if the tickets cost you an arm and a leg.
In the sharks mind, its getting dinner and a show.
Speaking of death machines....Dr Jack Kevorkian died today at age 83. He was apparently self medicating. He died of an apparent overdose of the Mercitron machine. During Kevorkians long life, he assisted over 100 patients with committing suicide. He spent 8 years in prison for what some have called mercy missions and others said was serial killing. The bodies of those he "helped" were found in cars, campgrounds, vans, and freezers across Detroit. People traveled from miles around to be a part of his killer show.
On Thursday, the personal journals of Ted Kaczynski aka the Unabomber, went on sale on an online auction. The journals were purchased for the paltry sum of $40,000. Other items of Mr Kaczynski's that went on sale included a hoodie and a pair of sunglasses that sold for a combined $20,000. Jay-Z can't even get that for his clothing line. Maybe some fashion designer should get the rights to his clothes and make a line of clothing called Udabomb.
And lastly, Police Officers from Independence Missouri tried unsuccessfully to kill a fake alligator. They opened fire on the vicious beast and watched in horror as bullets bounced off it. On the advice of the State Wildlife Commission, the officers unloaded enough ordinance to take down a Panzer no avail.
Turns out the alligator was a lawn decoration placed near a pond to keep children from trespassing. The owner had placed the cement reptile there several years earlier and a nosey neighbor called cops about a creature that had wandered into his yard earlier and was now hanging out near the pond.
And thats the news from around the nation...

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  1. You had me at "cost you an arm and a leg."