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Thursday, July 7, 2011

This Case Makes Me Sad

The world is in an uproar right now. We sit here and mull over the decision, and righteous idignation consumes us. After all, what right did they have to commit such a travesty of justice? Where is the protection for our youth?
Folks, as you all know 11 year old Omar Schpeb was robbed by a group of 5 teenagers while he and his friends were operating their lemonade stand in Strongville, Ohio.
These teens pulled up in a rusty car and threatened to beat them up unless they turned over the cash they had earned. Now, I have heard of knocking over liquor stores...but lemonade stands? After taking the kids $13.50, the 5 teens could each buy a McDouble and they could share a fry.
Omar valiantly chased after the fleeing vehicle, failing not only to catch them, but to get tag number as well. The teens were described as 2 males in blue hoodies with skinny jeans and 3 females. I think I see them right now in class with me! I wonder if there is a reward? I could always call crime stoppers...
In other national headlines, California is once again teaching me why their educational system is so over budgeted. Lawmakers just passed a bill to teach students "Gay History." Now to me, that sounds a little queer. After all, I wasn't aware that history had sex...or the people that taught history had sex either...if you had seen my history teacher you would be in full agreement.
Lawmakers said this measure is to show the contributions that gays, lesbians, transgendered and confused individuals have made to society. I didn't realize that by choosing to have sex with women, that I was performing a note worthy action destined to be recorded by historians should I accomplish anything significant...Oh wait, by being hetero sexual, I won't be noted because of my sexual preference...isn't this a little gay? I mean if we can have a Gay History Month, shouldn't schools also be allowed to have a Straight History Month? Or maybe the lawmakers meant gay as in odd? I can totally see having an odd history month! After all, where would we be if no one knew that the author of the Star Spangled Banner was accused of molesting the flag?
Personally, the idea of adding someones sexual preferences to history books seems self serving and as though it were a political agenda. If someone, male or female, of any race, contributes to society, shouldn't we recognize the person? After all it was John Smith that accomplished that...not a black man that accomplished that...Is it just me or does it seem to demeaning to note a persons ethnicity in their accomplishments? It makes it sound like they accomplished something in spite of, rather than because they were just smarter than the rest of us.
And lastly, everyone in America is wishing for the death of someone right now...and I agree she should die a horrible, painful death in the same manner as she committed her crime!
So, mother Grizzly bear in Yellowstone...I am calling you out! you can't kill innocent hikers just because you are bigger and get away with it because a jury found you not guilty of murder or even manslaughter...You even tried to cover it up and when questioned about it, you changed your story a few times. Sure they are holding you until proper sentencing can be given, but I don't buy it was an accident. I think you mauled that hiker because you wanted to be free to party with the other woodland creatures free of responsibility of being a side show attraction. You better dye your hair to match a black bear or a polar bear and move far away so that no one recognizes you! You have been placed on alert!


  1. Rob watches a certain show every now and again and I almost always get sucked into sitting beside him and catch myself laughing. I tell him that I feel guilty for watching it and sometimes feel like I should take a shower afterwards. Not the cold kind but the kind where you scrub obsessively until at least four layers of skin, if not more, have been effectively removed.

    Sometimes your posts give me that same feeling.

  2. I am glad that I can entertain and creep you out at the same time...That is a special kind of magic LoL!