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Monday, August 1, 2011

And Parent Of The Month Goes To...

Readers, how many of you have been completely shit faced? I am talking about being so drunk that you shouldn't be within a mile of a motor vehicle. And of those that know what I am talking about, how many of you are supposed to be driving from Mississippi to Dallas, Texas? And is your reason for doing this to transport your two small children to another guardian? And did you (out of fear of being late) think it would be a good idea to let your 8 year old son drive while you slept in the passenger seat?
If you answered yes to all of these questions...Congratulations: You are Billie Joe Madden!
This past Saturday, officers pulled over a pick-up truck that was driving erratically on Interstate 12 near the town of Holden, Louisiana. State Police found Mr. Madden asleep in the passenger side of the truck while his 8 year old son drove and his 4 year old daughter slept in the back of the cab.
When questioned Mr Madden allegedly told Louisiana State Patrol Officers that he was sure his son was older, but was just short for his age. He was arrested for child desertion, allowing a minor to drive and seat belt and car seat violations. Although, in Mr Maddens defense..he didn't technically desert his kids, he was asleep next to them the whole time!
This isn't the first case of amazing parenting though! Back in November of last year a 35 year old woman from Nevada was arrested for letting her 12 year old drive. She had been out partying for 2 days and took her young child with her. Then like any responsible parent said "Screw cabs, you need to learn how to drive anyway so here are the keys!"
In February of this year an English childcare worker has been banned from working with children for three years after he bought a 15 year old a drink and had the boy play chauffeur. George Gillion, a 53 year old man from Glasgow, bought drinks for two young boys and discussed things of a sexual nature with them as they drove him about the city of Irvine. The best thing they could have done was temporarily removed him from working with young boys. I am sure after the three years are up, he will use boys that are at least 16 for the role of "Drunken Taxicab Driver."
On the other hand...back in 2007 an 11 year old girl was arrested and charged with DUI after leading police on 8-mile chase that ended with her flipping the car she was driving. The chase got over speeds of 100 mph and began around 10:30PM that night when the unnamed little girl went to pick up her sister from a concert. The young felon had apparently borrowed the car from relatives and took it on herself to grab her sister.
The parents in this case were considered victims for not knowing that there young daughter took their car and went on a binge drinking spree while trying to find the concert her sister was attending.


  1. speechless

    Perhaps the next time my children are lamenting my questionable parenting choices, I should show them this blog post.

  2. and see my blog really is educational and informative!

  3. ok really the parents were the victims? I have a daughter close to that age and for damn sure i know exactly where she is at 10:30 pm at night and it sure as hell is not behind the wheel of a stolen car.