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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm Gonna Do My Little Turn On The Slutwalk

I'm planning a trip to Minnesota because on October 1st, they will be hosting the Slutwalk. Being a big fan of sluts, I must say how exciting it is to know that they are organizing and taking it to the streets! No longer will the word hold negative connotations! No longer will I have to wonder or even ask! Because when I see you marching out there, I will already know!
I admit I know very little about the origin of this great sounding event other than it encourages women to wear lingerie and mini-skirts or school girl uniforms and heels while taking part on a 2 mile walk. Women are also encouraged to carry signs that say things like "Proud Slut" or "The Answer To The Question You're Asking Yourself Is: Yes I Do."
I can picture the debauchery and wildness already and it only makes me that much more excited to travel to a state that will require someone to keep me warm. But before I go, I guess I should do a little research on this momentous occasion.
*Breaks away to read*
Folks as it turns out the Slutwalk isn't to advertise that you like to be chained to the bedpost and tortured with feathers - the only reason we still have MySpace! No instead it is the lofty project of Sonya Barnett and Heather Jarvis.The point of the march is to bring awareness to rape victims after a constable in Canada remarked, "women shouldn't dress like sluts if they wish to avoid being raped."
Apparently Heather and Sonya took offense at that remark and decided that they would gather as many sluts as they could to protest being called women. Or maybe they are protesting being called women that dress like sluts, I am really unclear on the whole thing as I am attempting to learn the history and cancel my hotel and flight reservations. Regardless, Heather and Sonya decided to redeem the word slut and make it as proper an endearment as hun, baby, and SeXy Ass Bitch. So on April 3rd of this year they held the first Slutwalk in Toronto, Canada.
The two ladies have organized many of these rallies since and plans have been made to see Slutwalks in all the major cities in America. As the movement has spread so have the ideas of feminism, conservative values, and commercialism.
The movement has created many types of memorabilia like bumper stickers and pins that say "I <3 Sluts!" The sad thing bumper sticker and pin makers, so do I! which is why I am disappointed that this isn't a festival similar to the Adult Film Conventions.
Like me, many people take offense at the vague use of the word "slut." People like Gail Dines, a renowned feminist, who claims "the word is beyond redemption." That's right girls, you can't make the word slut equate to the word lady. That would be like equating the word politician to the word honesty.
While I applaud the idea of rape awareness, I must question the vehicle used to propel the message forward. By embracing the word "slut", a word - that by own and by no means official definition - means a woman who will willingly sleep with any guy so long as that guy meets very basic criteria, i.e. breathing, does that add credibility to your movement? Or does it make your movement seem crass and vulgar? Does it appeal to mainstream America or just draw out perverts who would book a flight to Minnesota just because of the name of the event?
Doesn't it seem that by using the term slut in Slutwalk just plays to misogynists and pedophiles? Why not call it the EmpowermentWalk? Will little Sally Housewife throw on a teddy and march with you? Or will she most likely watch in lurid fascination at the half naked protesters and be so fixated on the appearance that she never catches the message?
If a picture paints a thousand words, then a photo of this rally is worth a years subscription to Playboy.

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  1. Better an honest slut than your typical tease, I always say.

    Interesting post. It made me think and I try not to make that a habit.