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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Mirror To The World

Sometimes you don't deserve more than what you are handed. Sometimes the universe ensures that things will never work out. It's funny how it seems the thing you want most is the thing most often denied to you. I don't pretend to understand why this is. I just know this is the way it always has been.
Like when a thief recently stole a diamond in Spain valued at 12k euros, he was caught by police because he failed an x-ray test. The incident occurred when two very smart women left their purses unattended. Purses that contained 2,000 euros, 400 pounds sterling, the diamond pendant worth $16k and other unnamed valuables. The thief took the purse and fled. Hours later at a routine check point, law enforcement found a car driven by four known criminals. Upon further inspection, they found the purse and the cash but the diamond was missing. This caused the cops to take the four to have x-rays done and lo and of them had swallowed it...I know that diamonds have to pass several standards and tests to ensure quality and grade, but passing through an intestinal tract is one I didn't know was necessary.
Just to show how much "love bites," ask Milton Ellis of St Pete Florida! The 69 year old struck up a conversation with a young 22 year old woman, Josephine Smith, he met on a street corner. When it started to rain, they moved under some shelter. Before he knew what was happening, Jo had climbed into his lap in his wheel chair and was nuzzling his neck - before screaming she was a vampire and biting the shit out of him!
Milty screamed and somehow escaped the crazed female who was perfectly healthy while he was trapped in a wheel chair. Cops found Ms Smith in an alleyway covered in blood with no memory of what happened. She was also half naked! That's my kinda vampire chick! I wish I could have found a picture because it so be posted right now.
I leave you now with my mantra that helps me make it through the bad things that often happen in my life, be it financial, or relationships. Speaking this usually helps me maintain sanity...but not always as some close to me found out yesterday.

I am not the Way, I merely show you a path. I am not the Light, I merely hold it before you. I am not the Truth, I merely offer perspective. For I am the mirror by which the world is measured. Gaze into me and know yourself. For when you look at me, you will find reflected all the things that you love and hate about you. In this way, I bring balance to the universe. My my curse...I help the lost find their way. In the end. No one will help me find my own.


  1. Very interesting. And it's a good thing you aren't relying on me to show you the way. My gift/curse is to confuse others and myself. I'm quite good at it, really.

  2. These are some great introspective thoughts about life ~ things probably everyone chews on, at one time or another. Thank you for sharing!! Look forward to reading future posts!! ~ alice

  3. Im glad you both enjoyed, though Alice I must admit that (and Satia can account for) my blog usually is of the satirical and attempted humor of things that I notice or pick up on. Whether personally or from the world around us.