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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spanking The Monkey Has Taken On A Whole New Meaning...Thanks PETA!

Bestiality has a new champion in the form of P.E.T.A.
The animal lovers have finally come out of the closet so to speak by announcing a new business venture - PETA Porn!
The group is thinking of changing the meaning of their anagram to the Pornographic  Entertaining and Talented Animals.
That's because starting sometime after November but before Christmas, P.E.T.A. plans to release a XXX website to help draw attention to the plight of animals. I mean, what could better explain animal cruelty than reverse cowgirl?
The group is known for using scantily dressed models at their events, so shooting hardcore porn is the next obvious step to protesting fur...after all most porn stars are shaved. This begs the question of will this work?
Spokesperson and Associate Director of Campaigns, Lindsay Rajt claims that "the organization should use every outlet to speak out for animals." I guess this includes pigs of the human male variety.
Rajt promises hardcore videos that will be occasionally interrupted by images of abused animals and commercials that explain their suffering...I know nothing turns me than watching porn that has commercials of malnourished and horribly disfigured dogs and cats.
That kind of video would make me want a cheeseburger so I could have dinner and a show.
As an animal based website, does this mean they would have videos of donkey shows? Wouldn't that really "show" how much they "love" the animals?
Will animal celebrities like Shamu or Kermit the Frog be featured in the adult films?
I would love to attend the next Adult Entertainment Expo that P.E.T.A. debuts in.
This isn't the first time the activist group has used odd and extreme measures to promote an agenda no one really cares about. They once ran a billboard ad of a very large woman with the slogan "Save the whales. Lose the blubber. Eat Vegetarian." They also launched a comic book style ad at children with a cartoony woman trying to stab a rabbit in a comic book titled "Your Mommy Kills Animals!"
This all from a group that I mentioned in a previous blog, that euthanized over 3/4 of the animals they bring into their shelters each year.
I am also curious at how the groups followers will feel about being a part of the porn industry. The group portrays itself as the average person, but I have never made a pornographic movie....not for lack of trying but from lack of willing participants. Will Sally the Vegetarian Housewife embrace the groups new direction? And if this is indicative of the groups forward thinking and members of an organization must be okay with this direction, does this mean that the sickly looking vegan girl would be willing to film a threesome with me as long as we promise to say "hurting animals is bad" when we are done? Of course, I would want to make sure that she only looked sickly first, but after that...
Anyways, this is an idea I can get off on - uh I mean get on board with P.E.T.A., so I say if what you need to save a few chickens is to swallow a few cocks then go for it. 

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  1. LOL, oh boy... is this for real? Not that they ever got much respect anyways, but any tiny bit of remaining respect they may have had from their 2-3 serious followers on this planet is probably gone now. If you have to make porn to save animals... well... I just don't even know what to say to that. LOL