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Thursday, October 6, 2011

All Of This For An Apple

Folks, today is a somber one. Yesterday, I watched as one of the world's brightest stars faded from view. He was inspirational to us all and while many were always cleaning up after his messes, his contributions to the people were often invaluable.
Those closest to him will say he was always happy, right up until the end. His life was short compared to others, but his zest for it was stronger than the rest of the herd. He had a love for Apples that inspired him to greater heights.
He began life with a humble origin, a young stallion bucking to make his mark on the world. The earlier years were spent in a garage with his best friend, Steve. They made plans and soon built a stable and functional new lifestyle.
Eventually, though he would be forced out of the life he had won for himself and would seek greener pastures. He would return to the orchard in 1997 and assume the chief position. The relationship he had with Steve would never be repaired.
It was always a race for him. Constantly running to stay ahead of the rest, he was a true thoroughbred winner. He had a winning smile and when he spoke, it was enough to get everyone's attention.He was tall and strong and stood many hands above the masses. He made great strides in communication delivery and was extremely user friendly. He was known for jumping headlong into new territory. Forging new paths, not so concerned with the dangers of the present but soley focused on the path to the end result. He would be chastised for not always following the rules, and he would get slapped down many times in his life for kicking and biting his way towards the top. Despite illnesses and hard times, he never once gave up.
In short, he will be missed.
Rest in peace, Buttercup. Never has a finer mustang walked the earth with four giant hooves.
I loved this horse with the very fiber of my being. A memorial service will be held on the 11th for anyone that wishes to attend. We will also allow short speeches to made in his honor.

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