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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nothing Says Manly Like Having Silky Skin!

Companies that make beauty products are always looking for new customers. It's the way of large corporations to find ways to keep customers and entice new ones. Which is why I applaud Dove for reaching out to "the Marlboro Man." During a string of commercials that started at the 2010 Super Bowl, Dove reached out to men across the nation seeking softer, more beautiful skin. This commercial had the theme for The Lone Ranger playing in the background and portrayed manly men needing moisturizers and other skin care products.
Because everyone knows after watching that Heath Ledger film that all cowboys are uber-masculine. And nothing screams alpha male like a cucumber facial. I know I look forward to my mani/pedi's each month and then following that with a deep detoxifying scrub. I mean, just look at the products that Dove offers! Many are obviously geared towards men - like the body wash Lavender Fields, Baby's Bottom, and my personal favorite, Midnight Waltz.
I don't think these companies are thinking big enough! I mean, think about it like this, how many cowboys have chapped lips? Why not sell them lip balms in a variety of flavors? And since they no longer have the fullness they used to due to sun exposure, they should sell them collagen boosters! And you know that if they can have their lips restored to their former glory, they will want them to retain their natural coloring! So let's sell them a variety of colors as well, but because these are straight manly men we should stick to shades that look good on an F-150.
Once that takes off the door is wide open with a myriad of possibilities! Complexion problems? That will be easily covered up with this new foundation "Man Face!" hands bleeding and cracked from all that hard manual labor? The manliest men have lotion - like that guy from "Silence of the Lambs!"
And working three jobs to take care of the family? This new eye make up just for men will hide those unsightly circles and make you look younger!
Just look at the successful companies already selling items that once were considered for women only - companies like Spanx which sells girdles! Spanx markets them to men in order to help them feel "more powerful" which is necessary when wearing something predominantly made of lace! Even soft drink manufacturers are jumping into this bandwagon! Dr Pepper recently released a ten calorie soft drink only for men - presumably this because women don't like the taste of turpentine and motor oil! And remember earlier this year when I broke the news about the new trend in fashion started by Levi's? They were just pioneers in this new modern era! Pretty soon there won't be women only stores because these companies know that in order to survive these difficult economic times, you have to get everyone wearing their brand of bra and panties!
So beauty companies go forth and keep reaching across the aisle! Because it's a common fact that all women want their masculine men just a little more feminine!

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