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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's Lesson Was A Little X-Rated

Nothing says prizes for children like x-rated images! Schools in Tallahassee, Florida, are scrambling like a crack addict looking for a fix to recover the accidental porn they passed out to students of Jay Elementary School.
How someone accidentally gives 7 year olds porn is beyond me, but somehow this is exactly what happened!
It all started when teachers of Jay Elementary wanted to reward the students for their parts in helping raise money for a fundraiser. Instead of opting for pizza and a movie in class - possibly because of the price - they instead ordered some cheap bracelets off of the internet. The bracelets known as "slap bracelets" were a cloth covered piece of plastic that acted as a spring when hit against a person's wrist. One curious child decided to see what was actually under the cloth and got an eyeful - of naked women. I guess they shouldn't have ordered the bracelets from
The bracelets were handed out to around 160 students. That's a lot of soft core action! Apparently the manufacturers felt that the target consumer of this product would be grown men looking for a cheap penile ring. The idea that a bracelet that activates by slapping someone with it would appeal to children was beyond their understanding!
It would be like having to tickle Elmo in a private spot being the only way to make him giggle! Actually, it's the easiest way to make me giggle...
It's just a good thing they didn't also order the poonani sports bottle that shows an attractive girl stripping as the bottle is emptied. Or maybe the "smells like sex" crayon and coloring book set. This adorable gift shows your kids where babies really do come from - and has scratch and sniff stickers! Allegedly the next item they planned to give away as a prize was phallic shaped Blow Pop ring!
Parent's have been understanding overall in this ordeal and have worked with school officials to return the Hustler approved sex toys. The school is convinced some students may keep the bracelets instead of returning them...that's like being convinced that fat people will eat cake if it is offered - it doesn't take a large suspension of disbelief to know what will happen!
If anyone in Tally has one of the offending bracelets I would love to see it - for research purposes!

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  1. WHAT? Who was the crazy little kid trying to dismantle the bracelet? Had to have been a boy...:>) This is why I would never put my kids in public school....though, have you seen how "bad" kids from Christian or private schools are? They would be smuggling the bracelets from the public school kids, no doubt!!! Argh...