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Friday, October 14, 2011

You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Angry

Folks, I may be changing my mind about who I support for the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. For those in the know, I am a long-time supporter of Basil Marceaux and information on Mr Marceaux can be found in my blog titled "The Greatest American Hero" found at the bottom of this page under the Take My Hand and Come With Me section.
But today I have been given news that may be enough to swing my vote. That's right this can only mean one thing: Hulk Hogan has announced his bid for being the next CEO of America!
That's right Hulkamaniacs, the Real American has said he will fix this country!
It all started in an interview with Fox News. Hulk told the network that he was recanting his support of current President Barack Obama. He is willing to suplex the budget. He's going to put Afghanistan in a full-nelson, lay the Smackdown on al Qaeda and leave our foreign relations RAW.
Admittedly, Mr. Hogan "knows nothing about politics." He went on to say that he supported "a flat tax." That's because big chested taxes are harder to keep pinned for three seconds.
Hulk says the he's a perfect candidate because unlike the others running, he is "a Real American." I wonder if that means the other candidates are man made?
This could change American politics if he were to get elected!
Think about it...any politicians that disagree with him could be forced to settle disputes inside the squared circle - preferably in a no holds barred cage match! Instead of wearing suits on Capitol Hill, everyone could wear colorful spandex costumes and they could call each other ridiculous sounding stage names. I hear Nancy Pelosi is allegedly secretly known as The Unwashed Cougar.
Congress could even rename legislation! Instead of passing bills they could be approving belts! Supreme Court Justices could referee hearings that worked as tag team matches!
Pundits can sit ringside and offer move by move commentary!
America, I can only hope that in the fall of 2012 you will answer the call and vote your hearts. Sure he may be an actor that made his money by lying to us all, but how does that make him different than other politicians? Because who other than a man that made a fortune by pretending can handle a job that requires such imagination. Only a man that would embarrass himself by taking his shirt off on television at the age of 50 would have the cajones to handle the media scrutiny. After all as his reality show proved, "Hogan Knows Best."

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