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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get The Concrete Out Of Your Ass

Plastic surgery is the miracle drug for ugly people. It allows freaks of nature to look almost human. And it can make the old look a little younger. Sure, overuse can make you look like a cross between a pug and a donkey - like Sarah Jessica Parker looks!
This extremely profitable business makes it's money by reminding us that we are all flawed but with enough botulism injected into our skin, we can all be works of art.
This is why I can't see why people are mad at Oneal Ron Morris. Oneal is a woman who was born a man who pretends to be a doctor. This is why one of my requirements for dating is born a woman and always remained that way...
So anyway, an unnamed woman decided she wanted to be a stripper. Now everyone knows there are two features men look for in strippers - and no, her eyes ain't one of them! This woman, whom I will call Macy, decided she needed a firmer ass in order to stand out in the club!
So, Macy did what any reasonable person would do - she found an ugly woman willing to operate on her in an office that looks remarkably like a double wide trailer for the cost of what hospitals charge for Q-Tips!
"Dr" Morris proceeded to perform a series of injections on Macy's derriere. Using state of the art technology (meaning a bunch of rubber tubes, a few needles, and a can of WD-40) Morris started the procedure. These injections consisted of mineral oil, tire sealant, and...cement? The most startling revelation is that Morris performed this same procedure on itself!!!
Morris allegedly told it's patient "If it gets too painful, don't worry we will inject some more until it works itself out." Isn't that how heroin addicts deal with pain? Keep injecting until it stops hurting?
Maybe the bags of QuiKrete in Morris's living room should have been reason enough to reconsider a surgery that costs less than a dinner for two at the Melting Pot. The cement mixer in the back yard should have been a warning sign as well!
This just goes to show you that if anyone ever says that Medusa is their inspiration, don't allow them to operate on you. This goes for people that allegedly say Gacy was a great role model as well - I'm looking at you Sandusky!
This is like one of those stories that sounds so ridiculous that it can't be true. This is probably why the poor girl (Macy) languished in pain for weeks before her mother took her to a REAL Doctor!
Doctors informed police and police spent a year looking for Morris. This is because Morris moved from trailer park to trailer park and couldn't be found. Morris also never had a working phone number...which is another sign that maybe they aren't a doctor. Morris was released on bond and asked not to work on anyone else's foundation until it's trial.
Let's recap: Macy wanted a rock hard ass, paid a tranny $700, and got exactly what she paid for. They say beauty hurts, but in this case it shows I don't have the stones to handle it.


  1. I almost saw this in the news but had to study so didn't look further. My mind was boggling at the mere blurb and now, after reading your blog I know more than I probably wanted because now my mind is boggling even more.

    I think it hurts to boggle this much.

  2. Oh dear... there are just no adequate words for this situation... I want to feel sorry for the stripper with concrete in her ass, but I just can't. If you get a tranny to inject you with concrete, you probably got what you deserve.