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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take The Pink Pill

Guys, you better run to your medicine cabinet and check the birth control pills that your girlfriend/wife/one night stand is taking! That's because Pfizer has recalled over 1 million packets of its popular Lo/Ovral-28 brand of birth control. Their reason - it may make her pregnant!
It turns out that the drug may have the wrong number of placebo pills in the package.  Each packet is supposed to contain 21 active tablets and seven inactive pills. Any variation on this puts the woman at risk for pregnancy. Unfortunately, these 1 million packets were basically PEZ - and they didn't come in the cool Superman dispenser either!
Pfizer reps had this to say about the mix-up, "Oops."
The women using this form of contraceptive are urged to take a pregnancy test after they return the defective pills. Allegedly the company will cover the cost of the pregnancy test, but isn't that like shooting someone and then offering to pay for the band-aid?
I am just surprised this hasn't been given more press. At least they didn't say that their Viagra line was mostly placebo! Imagine how much of an uproar that would have caused? "Hey forget that Jenny is pregnant because you screwed up her birth control, you better help me maintain my erection!" The one time Viagra should have been recalled, the company skirted around the issue and said that the men died happily or went blind smiling or something along those lines.
Pfizer hasn't accepted any blame in this current recall, instead allegedly claiming that women should not be just relying on their drugs for protection against unwanted pregnancy. That would be like Toyota telling people they should have used the handbrake when their cars wouldn't come to a stop.
It kills me how big companies never take any responsibility for anything, they should be offering to replace the birth control and give the pregnancy tests and if any woman gets pregnant to support the child for 18 years just like the courts would make a father do.
Instead, we will probably offer them tax cuts and a bail out since that seems to be the way we handle big business in America these days...

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