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Friday, September 28, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Folks, when I go shopping, I always use my EBT card. Sometimes, I buy food and other times I trade it food for crack, but that is beside the point. What I am trying to say is that I know how embarrassing it is to go shopping with a food stamp card. Because even if you aren't trading food for drugs, everyone else in the store will think that you are! This is why I am sympathetic to Cindy Nerger of Warner Robbins, GA.
Last week while shopping at Kroger Supermarket in her hometown, Nerger found herself the object of ridicule. As she was checking out using her food stamp card (EBT), the manager decided it was his place to give her a piece of his mind. He allegedly told her, "Excuse me for working for a living and not relying on food stamps!"
The manager's statement was in response to a dispute Nerger had over whether or not certain items were covered by the EBT program - it turns out Nerger was correct. The manager finally just "gave her the items" and then made his callous remark.
Cindy was humiliated. People had started to line up behind her and they all heard the managers statement. Kroger had to do something to show the world that they like poor people and that disrespecting a customer couldn't be they gave her a $15 gift card and gave the manager a promotion.
Wait...what? So, I tell a customer that smoking is bad, I get a week off without pay...this guy tells a woman that he hates her money and thinks she is beneath him, and he get a transfer and a pat on the back? I didn't realize Kroger was owned by Mitt "I Hate 47% of all Americans" Romney! But now this makes perfect sense.
Look at it like this: Kroger receives millions in tax payer money and gets tax breaks to reduce the amount of taxes it has to pay year single year, while Nerger maybe gets a few hundred bucks a month in welfare. Sure, they are both living off the government, but Kroger is making money off the government and off of you! That's the difference! If you are on welfare and work for minimum wage - scum! If you are on welfare and make millions - corporation!
This is why Kroger didn't fire the manager in question - or even demote him. He was just showing Republican pride! After all, if Romney is elected he plans to eliminate government assistance and that means poor people like Nerger can't afford food. Which means that theft will go up, and stock will go down at places like Kroger. And that's just what Kroger needs. If theft goes up and they post losses, they can take even more government handouts - just like the banking industry did not too long ago! And if we stop giving welfare to poor people there will be more money to give to the wealthy!
After all, the rich made all their money by exploiting the why stop the cycle now?


  1. The other day I commented on g+ something along these lines: No wonder some politicians think corporations are people what with everyone wishing Google a happy birthday.

    I don't know about you but I'm glad I wasn't there for the labor pains and I really can't imagine what the mother looked like. That there isn't a video of it online is a huge relief.

    1. This corporations are people is an excuse used to blame the evils they commit on the entity and not on the people that make those decisions. It also allows them to make campaign contributions and other such nonsense...I look forward to the day that we change that